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  • Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Celebrates 200,000th Trip

    by Kären Haley | Nov 18, 2015

    INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. today announced another milestone for the Pacers Bikeshare program; 200,000 bike share trips have been taken since the program launched on April 22, 2014.  Over 100,000 bike share trips occurred in the past seven months, greatly surpassing the time it took to reach the first 100,000 trips earlier this year. 

    “We reached our first 100,000 trips in about eleven months. Reaching that same milestone at a faster pace exhibits that Pacers Bikeshare is a viable, and popular, transportation option in our downtown,” said Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. Executive Director, Kären Haley. “Both residents and visitors are using Pacers Bikeshare.  Our data shows that most people are riding bikeshare on the Cultural Trail, demonstrating the important link between connected and safe bicycle infrastructure and frequent bike share use.”

    Pacers Bikeshare is accessible year round. The Cultural Trail is cleared of snow and ice making it easy and convenient to use bike share during the winter.

    Pacers Bikeshare By the Numbers (data from 4/22/15 - 11/15/15)

    Bikeshare Stations: 26

    Bicycles: 251

    Bike Share Trips - 201,069

    Calories Burned - 17,202,209 (equivalent to 88,216 donuts)

    Distance Travelled - 433,340 miles (equivalent to 17.4 times around Earth)

    Carbon Offset - 410,317 lbs. (equivalent to 50 cars off the road)

    Day Passes - 52,535

    Annual Memberships - 2,608


  • New Bike Trailers Make Operations More Efficient

    by Kären Haley | Nov 10, 2015

    INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. (ICT, Inc.) today announced that the organization is now incorporating bicycles to balance the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare program.  Operations team members will use the trailers, which hold three bikes each, to more efficiently move bikes between the twenty-six stations located along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick.

    “The bike trailers will significantly impact on our ability to manage the system more effectively” said Indianapolis Cultural Trail Executive Director, Kären Haley.  “Using bicycles to move bike share bikes allows our operations team to transport small quantities of bikes and access stations that may be difficult to get to when roads are closed, or there are special events.”

    The bike trailers were custom designed and produced by Indianapolis Fabrications. Indianapolis Fabrications donated one of the bike trailers to the program. 

    Pacers Bikeshare piloted a foot balancing program this summer when ICT, Inc. hosted 12 students from TeenWorks. The TeenWorks students worked in teams to move small numbers of bikes by foot in areas with the highest station density.

    “The TeenWorks teams were able to balance bikes in the downtown core more efficiently then our typical balancing operations,” said Cultural Trail and Pacers Bikeshare Operations Manager, Jordan Kingdon.  “The two bike trailers will allow us to augment our typical practice of using our cargo van to transport large numbers of bikes at a time.  Our operations will be more sustainable.”

    ICT, Inc. operates the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Program 250 bikes and 26 stations, primarily located on or near the eight mile Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick.  The bike share program, which reached 100,000 bike trips in less then a year, started in April 2014.  Annual memberships and additional information are available at

    About: Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. ensures that the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick is a beautifully maintained, vibrant community asset connecting people and places in downtown Indianapolis.

    Kären Haley

    Executive Director
    Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc.

    phone: 317-672-7627
    web: and:


  • Faces of Indego: Meet The Philly Member That Pedaled To All 73 Stations In One Day!

    by Joel M. | Nov 05, 2015

    View photos of the ride on Joel's Instagram account here:

    I live at Seventh and Sansom, a block from Washington Square. I often start at the station at 8th and Market. The stations at 10th and Chestnut, 9th and Arch, and 5th and Market are also close. I wouldn’t object to a station in Washington Square, but I don’t want to sound spoiled. I know most people don’t have stations this close.

    I moved to Philadelphia from Wichita in March and have been looking for ways to get to know the city. I joined Indego in June and have been using it regularly ever since. I’m a big fan. I have a bike, but I like the convenience of the bike share program. It’s great for short trips. I don’t have to worry about bringing my bike up to my apartment or locking it up, and you guys take care of the maintenance. I’ve been using the Indego map a lot and thought visiting and photographing all the stations would be a fun project. I’m an Instagram novice, but I like the app and am rooting for a bike-friendly Philly.



    The ride took about eight hours, a little longer than I thought. I was thinking, well, one minute per station would be 73 minutes, but I knew that wasn’t realistic. Five minutes per station would be about six hours. That would be possible. In the end, it took a little extra time because I had never been to most of the stations, and I took some time to explore. I’m excited to get back to the Clark Park farmers’ market for mushrooms.

    I started about ten-thirty. I wrote out the route the day before. Start close to my apartment, ride out to West Philly, cross the Schuylkill at Spring Garden and get the Art Museum, head to North Philly, wrap around Fishtown, back to Logan Circle, then South Philly, and finish up with the Center City stations near my apartment. I knew where most of those stations were located, so I thought if I could get the first sixty, I know where the last ones are located. During the ride, I used the bike2go app to fine tune the route. And, at the end, I had to stop at my apartment to recharge my phone, which I was using as my camera. Then, I went back out and got the last five stations: 9th and Arch, 12th and Filbert, 6th and Race, 2nd and Market, and Independence Hall. I numbered the photos in the order I took them. I’m thinking maybe someone else can help me with a shorter route.



    I would definitely do it again. The photos turned out to be kind of a fall Philly valentine. It was a nice day, and I like photos of street scenes, interesting public spaces, brightly colored leaves, murals, the skyline, and blue bikes.


  • Great Rides Bike Share Rolls Past 100,000 Rides

    by User Not Found | Sep 16, 2015

    Great Rides Bike Share is proud to announce its one hundred thousandth ride! The program, the first of its kind in North Dakota, provides bicycles at stations located throughout downtown Fargo and the North Dakota State University (NDSU) campuses for short station-to-station rentals. The system launched in mid-March with 101 bikes at 11 stations.

    “Our first year overall ridership levels put us ahead of other successful and much larger bike share programs in communities such as Minneapolis, Denver, and Madison all of which had fewer rides their first season.,” said Cam Knutson, chair of the Great Rides Bike Share Board of Directors.

    The program’s fast-moving success ties in to new technologies that include NDSU students. “To our knowledge, it is the first program in the nation to integrate a whole university alongside community users,” said Tom Smith, owner of Great Northern Bicycle Co. and steering committee member for the program. New card-reader technology allows NDSU students to use their student ID cards to check out bikes. Over 7,700 students have enrolled their cards for the program.

    “Great Rides Bike Share has had awesome results since launching and I would rank the usage at the top for bike share systems here in the USA,” said Lee Jones, Director of Sales for BCycle, the Madison-based vendor that provides infrastructure for over two dozen bike sharing systems nationwide.

    Future plans include continued growth of the program across the NDSU campuses and downtown Fargo, eventually extending across the river into sister city Moorhead, Minnesota.

    “This program is another example of how our community can rally behind something and make it a much bigger success than anyone could ever have imagined,” said Mike Williams, Fargo City Commissioner and Great Rides Bike Share Board of Directors member.

    “Current and future bike share operators are taking note of our success, particularly in the integration of student riders. We receive multiple calls each month inquiring about how we did it,” says Sara Watson Curry, Great Rides Director of Operations.

    Coincident to the milestone, the program will expand two of the most popular stations to better accommodate riders. This week, technicians will double the number of docks at the Memorial Union Station and add several additional docks at High Rise Complex Station, both on NDSU main campus, to accommodate more bikes.

    Each bike in the system, which receives regular inspection by professional mechanics, has been ridden an average of 1,000 times, said Watson Curry.

    For more information:;

    Further questions, please contact:

    Sara Watson Curry


    Tom Smith


    Cam Knutson



    Great Rides Bike Share is a program managed by Great Rides Fargo, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to building healthy individuals and communities by encouraging the use of bicycles for lifestyle, sport, and recreation. Great Rides Bike Share is the first technology driven bike share system in North Dakota.

  • Demonstration bikeshare kiosks available to check out soon!

    by Brett Thomas | Jul 29, 2015


    Bikeshare is coming to downtown Los Angeles in 2016 with nearly 1,100 bikes at 65 stations. And you’ll be able to check out a demonstration kiosk — complete with bikes — at the following dates and times:

    • Wednesday, August 5, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Lunch Á La Park in Grand Park.

    So come see how you can use a TAP card to check out a bike!

    Some quick background: The Metro Board of Directors in June approved an $11-million contract to Bicycle Transit Systems (BTS) and their partners (B-CycleRidescoutTool Design Group and BikeHub) to run the countywide bikeshare program that Metro is overseeing.

    The bikeshare program is set to begin in downtown L.A. with other communities around the county to follow. Metro is currently working on a fare structure and other details. Stay tuned!

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