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BCycle Launches Electric Assist Bike Share Bike on Heels of Company’s 10-year Anniversary

by BCycle | Nov 12, 2018
BCycle Electric 1

Waterloo, Wisconsin – Nov. 8, 2018 – Building on a 10-year tradition of experience and innovation, BCycle proudly introduces the bike share industry’s newest and most innovative electric bike – the BCycle Electric.

Starting this week, BCycle will pilot the new electric bike in six locations this fall and winter to include programs in Austin, Texas, Broward County, Florida, Cincinnati, Ohio, Madison, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, California, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The new electric bike differentiates BCycle with the following best-in-class features:

  • Bosch motor and display
  • Shimano 3-speed internal hub
  • Seamless integration into existing BCycle stations


BCycle was founded in 2008 and remains the only continuously operating U.S. bike share provider during the past decade. It has grown from launching the first system in Denver in 2010 with 300 first-generation bikes to now with more than 15,000 bikes across the United States – from first-generation bikes to smart bikes to the latest introduction of electric bikes.

“The first 10 years are just the beginning,” said Morgan Ramaker, BCycle’s new Executive Director. “BCycle continues to grow and lead – thanks to proven experience and success, innovative and best-in-class products, and superior customer service. We’ve always believed in the power of the bicycle to change the world – the BCycle Electric powers up those possibilities even more.”

The electric bike is the latest in a string of innovations from BCycle in the past decade, including:

  • Partnering with community stakeholders in programs ranging from small to large, private to public
  • Classic systems with smart stations
  • Smart bike with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Mobile app checkout
  • Transit and student integration


BCycle riders have taken more than 17 million trips. All BCycle bikes are designed by Waterloo, Wisconsin-based Trek.

For more information on BCycle, visit and download the BCycle app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

ABOUT BCYCLE Headquartered in Waterloo, Wisconsin, BCycle develops and delivers best-in-class bike share systems and is committed to providing an environmentally sustainable transportation alternative for cities. It’s BCycle’s mission to partner with campuses, corporations and municipalities of all sizes to implement and maintain bike share systems that complement and improve existing transportation infrastructure. The company does so with a suite of products that make riding the easiest and most enjoyable part of people’s day, and an incredibly impactful part of any public transportation network. For more information, visit

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