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Fort Worth Bike Sharing Announces Big Change

by Malorie Sarsgard | Feb 14, 2018

I wanted to share some exciting news with you about changes made to the Fort Worth Bike Sharing system.

Fort Worth Bike Sharing is now offering unlimited one-hour rides to all customers who purchase 24-hour memberships. Previously, a 24-hour membership included unlimited rides of 30 minutes. The cost for the 24-hour membership remains the same at $8 plus tax, per bike. There will be no change to the monthly, semester or annual membership terms at this time. 

This change comes after considering customer feedback and research that shows the average trip time between stations to be 42 minutes. Allowing one-hour trips means customers will now feel less pressure to dock their bike within 30 minutes to avoid what used to be a $1.50 usage fee. 

It is important to remember that a 24-hour membership entitles the rider to multiple one-hour trips, not just one. The customer can RIDE, RETURN, REPEAT for 24 hours. Our fee structure is meant to encourage riders to dock their bike while not in use, thus sharing it with other members of the system. 

Fort Worth Bike Sharing invites the community to try out the new unlimited one-hour rides in February during its $1 Wednesday promotion. When using promo code 2222 at any station, 24-hour memberships will be just $1, plus tax every Wednesday in February.


Fort Worth Bike Sharing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization responsible for operating Fort Worth BCycle. Bike sharing is a mode of transportation based on shared use of public bicycles.

The concept began at the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA), which received a grant from the Federal Transit Administration to help establish the program.

Fort Worth Bike Sharing launched its system on April 22, 2013. Fort Worth Bike Sharing has 46 stations across Downtown, the Cultural District, the Trinity Trails, the Stockyards, Near Southside and on TCU’s campus. To see a full system map, visit

The mission of Fort Worth Bike Sharing is to enhance the community by providing an affordable, efficient, environmentally friendly bike share program that complements the existing public transportation system and provides residents and visitors a healthy, convenient way to move around Fort Worth.

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