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by User Not Found | Feb, 2018

In the face of a rapidly changing bike share market, we want to share some of our core beliefs. Here is an insider's look at what we believe in.

5 Reasons to ride your bike

High quality and safe equipment that is built to last

BCycle has been in the bike share business since 2008 and is the longest continuously operating bike share business in the United States. BCycle comes from Trek’s 40-year legacy of continuous product development, and benefits from Trek’s deep product and supply chain expertise. We are very proud of the equipment and ecosystems we develop. They are built to last and provide your community with an enduring asset that serves the public well.   

Community Engagement

Engaged bike share means employing a public private partnership that encourages community engagement and drives a common sense of ownership.


Sustainable bike share programs have diverse funding sources, dedicated local stakeholders, committed operations partners, and an engaged community. They employ longstanding equipment solutions that become part of the fabric of the city. 

Social Equity

Bike share is for everyone. It is our duty to provide multiple means of access for riding while reducing the barrier of entry for accessing a bike.

User Focus

As much as we love bicycles, we also recognize that the bike share experience is really about the user. Bike share should be safe, reliable, easy to use and intuitive. All our products are designed with these objectives in mind and all our products are part of an integrated, user-focused ecosystem.


If you are interested to learn more about who we are, visit Our Values page.

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